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You feel like no matter how hard you work or how many sacrifices you make you just can't get ahead.  Your money anxiety is keeping you awake at night and all you really want is to be debt free.

Financial freedom is a dream you fear you'll never experience the reality of. 


I've walked in your shoes and the lessons I learned along the way were invaluable.

You CAN navigate your way out of debt to a place of financial freedom, and you can do it without sacrificing your avocado on toast.

You deserve to be able to kick aside those crusty old shoes for a pair of kick-ass, sparkly new ones.


Hi, I'm Tracy (aka the Debt Free Diva)

Do you need help to start clearing your debt?

As your financial adviser I have the tools and experience to help you take back control of your finances, and the strategies you need to set and achieve your financial goals. 

The key to unlocking the overwhelming pressure you're feeling right now is through changing your money mindset and getting an action plan in place. 

With the quick and simple financial planning we'll put in place you'll soon be sleeping like a baby and stepping up into those sparkly shoes, without compromising the things that matter most to you.


You'll find out just how hard your money is working for you, plus you'll receive my latest news and financial freedom tips.

Need some tips? Read on...

Getting together a house deposit as a First Home Buyer

Being a first home buyer is an exciting process but I also know it can be overwhelming – there is so much jargon thrown around and it can be really hard to know where to start. My biggest advice toRead more

5 ways to sort your finances

We can all get caught in the trap of finding the “best” deal – and then never reviewing it. Companies like to entice new customers to join them by providing a deal or giving away merchandise, bRead more

Types of Mortgages

Getting a mortgage can be daunting, but choosing a mortgage product can be just as daunting!  There are so many to choose from and it can be hard to know which one suits your needs the best. Plus, Read more

Lets talk about Tax

The one question I get asked ALL the time is how do I pay for taxes on my side hustles. For some reason I think people are a bit scared of tax – and this prevents them from side hustling. Read more

Keeping the grocery spend down

Every Tuesday for the last couple of years I have posted my weekly grocery shop on my Instagram and Facebook accounts and it is the themed post that get the most requests every year. I also getRead more

Types of budgets

Last week I wrote a newsletter which focused on budgeting. More specifically the zero-based budget, as this is the one, I find to be most effective for me. I had a few people contact me to ask whatRead more

Should I save or pay off debt?

Should I save or pay off debt?  There really is no right or wrong answer to this question. It all comes down to your financial situation your goals and what you’re trying to achieve. For someRead more

Sinking Funds

Let's talk about sinking funds! This is a financial tool I used the entire way through my Debt free journey, and something I will continue to use well into the future. For some reason thisRead more

Surveys and Point Hacking

Surveys and points earn me about $1000/year. And I get asked all the time how I manage it because it can seem so frustrating (which it is). So here are my top tips. I just want to point out thatRead more

Cooking the Kumara

Bulk buying and freezing is my top tip for reducing the food budget. It is something that I have learnt to do fairly well – mainly through trial and error. Recently I managed to score 10kgs ofRead more

My Uber Eats experience

I started doing Uber eats in June 2019 and it has been one of my more favored side hustles both during the debt free journey and then the house saving journey. I understand there are a lot ofRead more

Not a Sprint

Last weekend I ran a half marathon in the beautiful city of Queenstown, New Zealand. Just some fun facts about me and running – I am not a runner at all. I smoked for 10 years of my life so myRead more

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