Every year I love to encourage people to set HUGE goals for all aspect of their finances - and this year I would love for you to join me! 

Whats the point in setting HUGE yearly goals? Well the obvious answer would be to reach them, but there is also so much learning to be done along the way. These annual goals help you stick to a plan during the year and also ensure you are making a promise to yourself to commit to your financial freedom! 

So what's the point in having charts? These can be printed off and your goal amounts written down the side. This way you can keep the chart on the fridge/wall/door or anywhere in plain sight and it is a visual reminder of your goals. Once you reach the dollar amount that is associated with that line you can colour it in.

There are 7 charts in the pack and the pack includes the following charts:

Income Goal

This chart can be used to track all of your income put together or can be used to track bonuses, work pay rises or even overtime income. If you know you need to earn a certain amount to get a mortgage then this is perfect! 

Invest Goal

This chart can be used to track how much money you put into investments for the year. I use mine to only track the amount that I put in, not 

Money Goal

This chart can be used to track any money goal that you want! Can be a savings goal, income goal, bonus goal or even a declutter goal. The list is endless! 

Net Worth Goal

This chary can be used to track all of your net worth (assets minus liabilities). There are many ways to increase net worth and its always handy to keep a track of it. 

Payoff Goal

This chart can be used to track any payoff you want. Can be debt payoff or mortgage payoff. 

Savings Goal

This chart is for any savings goal that you want, or it can be all your savings goals combined. 

Side Hustle Goal

This chart can be used to track your side hustle income. As we all know I love side hustling and I am a huge fan of tracking it to see where the money is coming from. Maybe you have a specific goal in mind already?

Want to break your goals down even further? You can do this by getting an annual month packwhich means you can turn your goals into smaller more bite sized goals. 

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